Why You Should Avoid Car Insurance Gaps

Auto insurance is a necessary evil for our modern society. All drivers should comply with legislation and get at least the minimum liability coverage.  Without car insurance, you are at risk of ruining your budget should an accident occur. No matter how hard it may seem, you should always have car insurance active. Avoid having car insurance lapses. It always better to look for a cheaper alternative than to stay uninsured. If you need help finding affordable coverage, check our automobile insurance online quotes.

There are many reasons why people get into a coverage lapse situation. From neglecting or forgetting to pay the bill, up to not having money, all these reasons will weigh heavily on your future insurance costs.

A coverage gap seems an unpardonable error from an insurer’s point of view. First, the current insurer will not get their money and will lose a client. Secondly, you will no longer represent a reliable customer for any insurance company.  You will be placed in a high-risk tier for your wrongdoing. And that spells more money for your insurance upon next renewal or carrier switch – assuming that you will be considered eligible for insurance.

One of the most dangerous situations is to be found guilty for a car accident and not have insurance. Since you do not have Bodily Liability Insurance, you will have to pay all medical bills from your own pocket. This will leave you extremely vulnerable, since medical treatment costs are huge.  And you will be also left vulnerable in the face of any lawsuit.  You victims are likely to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer, who will try to get as much money as possible from you.  And, let’s not forget, you will also have to pay for the property damage you cause.

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